Maxer Cameras

From Better Vision to Precision Surgery

Maxer offers a wide range of own developed High Definition endoscopy cameras. They can meet your expectation for perfection in vision and quality with an excellent value for money. The camera is the “eye of the surgeon” and there is always the need for innovative and more efficient visualization in a fast changing market. Therefore we are constantly developing new technologies together with our team of specialists, professors and university partners.

Did you know that Maxer has been one of the foremost companies to bring out HD technology in Minimally Invasive Surgery field? And with the Viron3 we present the first buttonless CCU, with preselected MIS programs and app controlled and with Viron X we enable to achieve a new standard in precision surgery.

The Maxer facts

  • High dynamic range of camera which can provide optimally illuminated bright image.
  • 6 Megapixel camerahead of Viron 3 ensures high colour accuracy without loss and 3D perception of resolution.
  • The Vesmax function highlights blood vessels on a tip press of the button.
  • The ULL mode (Ultra low light mode) provides extremely high performance under very low light. It is especially useful for mini-laporascopy when using 3 mm telescope to maintain a bright operating field.
  • Ease of use signified by buttonless CCU and preset programs for most common surgeries. This helps to deliver optimum image in every surgical situation.

Viron X

One camera for many options. For more information phone us or send an email.

Viron 1 HD

CMOS HD platform with higher resolution cameras and enhanced low light performance.

Viron 3 HD

Buttonless CCU with 6 Megapixel camera to provide significantly higher real resolution than normal CMOS or 3CCD cameras.

Maxer 2500 HD

High Definition Camera with Full HD DVI-D output, Digital Zoom and Preset Surgeries.

Maxer 1500

Standard Defination camera with advanced image processor and accurate color rendition. This is Maxer base model for office use.

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