Third generation optics for high resolution

Maxer has been setting innovative standards with its high quality optical HD endoscopes. They are known for their third generation optics that deliver high resolution, brightness and ensure optical clarity over the whole image.
It´s glass cone technology is unique and ensures a longer life of fibres. The laser welded joints give no chance of leakage and can withstand numerous autoclavic cycles.
First class materials, state-of-art and 3 tube construction guarantees precision, increased stability and therefore longer durability.

The Maxer endoscope highlights:

  • Sealing (by laser welding) of optical system without use of adhesives and elastomers.
  • Extremely precise centering of the optical & mechanical components for an image that is brilliant & high contrast even around the edges.
  • High resolution optics. Sapphire on distal and proximal end.
  • High-quality multi coated (anti-reflective) optical system.
  • 3 Tube construction for increased stability.
  • Nitrogen filled optical system to avoid internal fogging.
  • Autoclavable for a long life of ownership.

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