The New Viron X

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Viron X System - A New Dimension to Surgical Precision

Viron X System is the universal platform that can be used for all endoscopic surgeries in 4K UHD-like quality and for fluorescence guided surgery. No switching of towers and no extra investment for a separate fluorescence imaging system is needed. The same system is usable for all surgeries.

Viron X is combining top-end HD white light and NIR fluorescence imaging with real time augmentation of white light image with NIR image. The HDR hardware and software enables 3D perception on standard monitors by providing optimum contrast, low reflections and right depth. Also there is no need of switching the light between white light and NIR. The system is developed under guidance of surgeons from LMU, Munich.

The Viron X highlights at a glance:

  • Buttonless, intuitive camera system. Control from tablet, keyboard, footswitch.
  • Preselected surgery programs for laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, urology, arthroscopy, ENT surgery and spine surgery and ICG FGS.
  • No need to switch to another system or buy an extra FGS tower.
  • UHD 4K platform
  • High Dynamic Range.
  • Fluorescence image augmented in real-time to white light image.
  • Vesmax function for better blood vessel visualization.

Viron X will enhance surgical precision by

  • Use of 4K display technologies for showing very sharp images to ensure that pathology is not missed.
  • Use of HDR to enhance depth perception and brightness uniformity. This reduces surgeon fatigue.
  • Precise color rendition through display of over 1 billion colors. This facilitates accurate tissue identification.
  • Augmentation of fluorescence images without degradation of sharpness or color. This provides critical Information that is not visible to the human eye to surgeons in real time while doing the surgery. Thus, more precise surgery is possible and guess work is minimised.

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