Vision Systems - For the perfect surgical set up

Our philosophy is “Better Vision Makes Better Surgery”. Therefore the prime innovation focus lays on the development of high end camera technology and precise endoscopes that deliver bright and pin-sharp images that make the difference. In MIS, surgeons can only treat what they can see. A good vision is the key to patients safety and is only possible if all components of the system are of high quality and harmonised together.

Maxer offers all units that are necessary to meet the surgeons demand in modern MIS set up. We deliver full endoscopy systems with a wide range of cameras, powerful LED light sources, high resolution chip-on-tip endoscopes, as well as insufflators and pumps for minimum intervention during surgery as well as instruments to round up the endoscopic system.

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Endoscopy Cameras for every surgical need

Maxer offers a wide range of own developed endoscopy cameras.
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Medical Rigid Endoscopes Made in Germany

Maxer has been setting innovative standards with its high quality optical HD endoscopes. Read More

Harmonized systems for minimal invasive surgeries

Monitors, Light Sources, Insufflators, Pumps and more. Read more

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